Never Let Life Kill Your Spark

I hate to burst your bubble, but you can’t hurt me. I’ve already been through hell and back. I’ve become numb to people’s actions so you can take your best shot. All you can do is put some scratches on this chest because you could never get through to this locked up heart of mine. If there’s one thing I learned in hell, you’re your own worst enemy. People can do all they want, but it’s all about how you react to it. So don’t be afraid to hurt me, because I’m too far gone emotionally for that shit.

Haven’t been here in a long time

Turning the page

It’s time for another chapter, this time it’s only your heart I’m after. I hope you’re in for a ride because this time I’m not leaving your side. You’re my best friend and I swear I’ll be here until the end. To help you find what you seek and especially to hold you up when you’re weak.